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Bulk PICTURE  |  With MMS, Let Your Images Do the Talking.

Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is an advanced way to send bulk messages that include pictures, videos, vCards or vCal to mobile phones. Now send text messages beyond the 160 characters in length using MMS. Brands, advertisers and businesses can deliver powerful messages with multimedia content and increase brand recognition, sales, promotions, and marketing. SIXTUS provides solutions to send single or Bulk MMS messages using our web based software. With SIXTUS Business can now send mass picture messages to customers using our online web portals.

Bulk PICTURE Solutions

Integrated MMS (Image) Communications


Increased Open Rates

Users are more likely to open colorful MMS messages because they stand out from an inbox full of plain-text messages.


MMS Picture Marketing

Engage and mobilize customers by sending enticing coupons, picture amd image fliers, important alerts, event invitations, or brand promotions.


High-Impact Messages

Promote brand awareness by incorporating your logo or mascot. MMS creates an emotional mobile experience with powerful visual-branding possibilities.


Go Green / Save Money

By using MMS for your marketing campaign, you're doing two great things: eliminating the use of paper and cutting the cost of expensive direct mailers.


MMS Developer API

Send and Receive Picture messages (MMS) from your applications. Develop media rich mobile messaging application using simple HTTP APIs.


Business MMS To Email

Receive MMS messages as email for business. Email to MMS create an opportunity for field communication automation and productivity.

   SIXTUS picture messaging or MMS Messaging is an end-to-end solution enabling businesses to send picture messages from computers, or from web-based portals to deliver a rich content experience to customers. You can now combine text, pictures, photos, animations, videos, speech and audio for the ultimate messaging experience.   

What More Can You Do with MMS?


Inbound MMS

Hand the power of MMS over to your subscribers. Invite subscribers to text in multiple pictures or video clips without having to use mobile keywords, and see exactly who sent what in your account inbox. This tool is also great for photo or video-related competitions or giveaways, and you can see. With Inbound MMS, you can open up two-way communication like never before, and communicate with your audience with more than just words.


MMS Auto-Response

Catch your audience off guard - in a good way! Whenever a new subscriber texts in your keyword, you can respond with an attention-grabbing photo or short video clip. MMS Auto-responses are also perfect for distributing instant graphic coupons to your subscribers' mobile phones. These are only a handful of ideas of endless opportunities with MMS Auto-responses. Whatever you decide to do, be creative! It'll keep your audience coming back for more.


Keyword with MMS

Combine the power of mobile keywords and multimedia messages to launch fun and exciting marketing campaigns, and collect mobile numbers while you do it! Get creative with some of these ideas:

• Photo Competition - Invite your audience to text in your mobile keyword along with a photo. For example, retail shops can ask customers to text in a photo of them wearing this season's hottest style and rate "who wore it best."

• Video Competition - Get your audience to submit a short video clip of why they should win the prizes you have to offer.


What do you get when you combine the most effective and the most efficient communication strategies into one? You get SIXTUS' Multi-Channel Messaging & Marketing Automation. It’s the first to deliver an integrated interface for mobile, email, social media, and voice technologies with advanced Marketing Automation. So you can reach 100% of your audience with the right message at the right time - all automatically.


Mobile Text Marketing

Reach your customers wherever they may be with concise, memorable messages delivered through the most immediate channel. Engage them using mobile keywords, coupons, QR codes, voting, reminders, Yes/No response, picture messaging and more. SIXTUS mobile text marketing is proven to be highly effective, bringing tangible results for your campaigns.


Multi-Channel for Efficient Deliveries

In today’s sophisticated digital world, your audience is diverse and communication preferences vary. Your message won’t reach everyone if you rely on a single channel such as email or mobile text. SIXTUS Multi-Channel Marketing gives you access to all communication channels so you don’t have to miss anyone, anywhere, any time. This wide-cast strategy honors individual preferences and helps you reach 100% of your audience, so you can enjoy improved response rates and higher Return On Investment.


Marketing Automation for Effective Results

SIXTUS turbo-charged its Multi-Channel Marketing with Marketing Automation. Apply Smart Filters to sort your contact database into distribution lists called Dynamic Targets based on your customers’ demographics. These will self-update as customers subscribe, or respond so you can match your marketing campaigns with your most relevant customers. Auto Campaign lets you set up rules to run your individualized drip campaign automatically. Let SIXTUS Marketing Automation eliminate your repetitive chores, while maximizing response rates and campaign ROI.


Multi-Location Control

If your organization needs messaging or marketing for multiple locations, departments or roles, SIXTUS has built customizable, enterprise-grade access control and data separation into a single integrated dashboard. You can now delegate responsibilities, control sub-accounts, and simplify user interface, while maintaining company-wide standards.