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Email-2-SMS |  Send SMS(text messages) via email

Using our Email2SMS solution you will be able to send SMS messages via any standard email account, or via Outlook. Email2SMS is a simple and quick way to get a message to someone, like reminding customers of appointments or communicating with staff who are out on the road. It's just like sending an email, but it gets sent as a text message! Email2SMS is also known as Email to txt, or Email2txt. The character limit of Email2SMS is 160 characters.


Send texts from anywhere, inside buildings, or any mobile blackspot as long as you have access to email.

Email to SMS service will allow you to send SMS just by using your existing email client. It will also allow you to SMS enable your existing CRM, ERP or legacy software.

Create a new SMTP account and then configure it in any applications or systems that you want to SMS enable. In order to send SMS using email, just create a new email and in the address field type type a subject and body, and send it. The email you just created will be converted to SMS and sent to the phonenumber you typed

Email to SMS will only use up to 5 concatinated SMS. In case your email message is larger than this, it will be truncated. If you need to send large emails even with attachments please check Email to MMS.


Email to SMS offers a straightforward way to use SMS messaging


Secure texting with email.

Email is inherently insecure. Any message you send can be read by anyone as it travels between you and the intended recipient.

But every Email to SMS service requires you to provide your account information somewhere in the email to make sure credits are deducted from the right account. If you send your account name and password in open text in the email, you’re potentially at risk for someone stealing and abusing your account.

To safeguard your account, sixtus-sms provides you with an authentication token valid only for Email to SMS. It’s an encrypted version of your password so your account information always stays secure.

How it works:

  1. Enter the recipient’s number in the “To” field of your email message. The number must be formatted as, where +33789012345 is the mobile number you want to text to.
  2. Enter who the message is from in the subject of the email message (This is the message label that appears on the recipient’s handset and must be no longer than 11 alpha numeric characters).
  3. The message body of the email must be in plain text format & include your username on the first line, authentication token on the second line and SMS message on the third.
  4. Once complete send the message as you would a normal email message; this message will then be received immediately as a text by the phone specified.
Email2SMS Solutions For Your Business
web-based messaging

Our online SMS messaging tool, offers the convenience of sending and receiving text messages from any device or computer connected to the Internet. With always-on access, bulk messaging capabilities, and advanced account management, it’s as easy to use as an email program so you can get started fast.

Send from Outlook

Outlook Mobile Service (OMS) is the perfect solution for those who already use Outlook for email, scheduling and contact management. You can send and manage texts just like an email. When you pair it with a virtual mobile number, OMS will deliver your text messages to your Outlook inbox. There’s no new software to learn, just write and send.

Develop SMS solutions

Developers can use our well documented API to add SMS functionality to any application using a variety of protocols including HTTP, FTP/SCP, XML and SMTP. Whether you’re creating third party software, plugins, client projects, or working on your own company’s project our developers and customer support team are here to help answer your questions every step of the way.