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  Support Forget Passwords

Support   Forget Passwords

Self Service Password Management.

For self-service software, our foremost duty is to establish the identity of the user requesting account unlock self-service. SIXTUS® Service Plus employs two techniques in order to verify and establish the identity of a user:

  • Security Questions and Answers method.
  • SMS/E-mail based ID Verification method.

Forget & Change Passwords

Active Directory Change Password Tool.

A secure active directory password policy demands users to change their passwords on a periodic basis. This is with a motive to ensure security of user logins and prevent attacks by any intruder. Users are notified on a periodic basis by email to change their own passwords by the administrator. Domain users can change their own password - without helpdesk's assistance - using SIXTUS® Service Plus change password tool, which prevents an account lockout and therefore the need for an account unlock.

Self Service Change Password

SIXTUS® Service Plus web based, self service change password solution provides an easy to use web interface to allow domain users to change their own passwords by login into the self service portal. Any user can click on the change password link on the web portal and change his windows login password. The type of password a user can change and the password policy can be viewed on the display of the SIXTUS®Service Plus change password screen. Users can change their passwords according to policy set by the administrator and further be aware of other policy requirements and complexities.

The need for a change password can occur as a result of one or more of the following instances

  • If a domain user prefers to change his existing password any time before password expiry.
  • If an administrator notifies domain user to change his password to a new one.
  • When an administrator resets a domain user's password to a default value.

SIXTUS® Service Plus Change Password Screen

Change Password versus Reset Password

Reset password is where an old password which is forgotten by a domain user is forced to be reset to a new one even with no knowledge of what the old password was. SIXTUS® Service Plus allows domain users to perform self password reset from its web portal by satisfying validation and identity verification questionnaire answered during enrollment.

Change password does not require a validation process. It only requires a user login into the SIXTUS® Service Plus Domain User login portal. When a user changes his password, he supplies the old password along with the new password, if the old password is correct and the new password follows the password policy then the password will be changed. This is the normal change password process that users go through, when they change their passwords based on password policy

Other features
Self Reset Password

Free Active Directory users from attending lengthy help desk calls by letting them self-service the password reset task. Password reset just a click away with SIXTUS® Service Plus!

Self Unlock Account

Free Active Directory users from lengthy help desk calls with SIXTUS® Service Plus's self-account unlock option. Unlocking an account with SIXTUS® Service Plus is child's play!

Self Directory Update

Portal that lets Active Directory users update their latest information without the help desk assistance. Self-update feature also ensures that Active Directory database is up-to-date with the user profile changes.

Password Synchronizer

Synchronize Windows Active Directory user password/account changes across multiple systems automatically.

Password Policy Enforcer

Ensure strong user passwords that resist various hacking threats with SIXTUS® Service Plus by enforcing Active Directory users to adhere to compliant passwords via displaying password complexity requirements.