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SIXTUS™ (SAS) |  Anti-Counterfeiting Solutions - Mobile Authentication.

Sixtus Anti-Counterfeit Solutions (SAS) provide market leading brand protection, anti-counterfeit solutions using Mobile Product Authentification solution to safeguard brands from the damaging effects of counterfeiting. For brand owners who need the most secure visual anti-counterfeit technology available, Sixtus is the perfect solution. This technology enables fast product authentication through the use of 2-Way SMS Solution to empowers consumers to aid in the war against product counterfeiting by using their mobile phones to ensure that they only purchase genuine products.

Mobile Authentication

Brand and Product Protection(BPP)


Mobile Authentification

Our solution empowers consumers to combat counterfeit goods by verifying the authenticity of the products.


Protect Consumers & Brand

Save brand name from conterfeiting of products. Protect consumers from consuming fake products.


Stolen Goods Investigator

Guild your goods against thiefery, by alerting customers to provide information about criminal activities.


Consumers' Trust

Sustain consumers' loyalty using mobile-brand-protection solution with benefits

What We Protect

Stronger authentication is now a necessity – it is no longer just an option. We can secure a wide range of applications using two factor authentication or stronger authentication. Take back control of your sales distribution and customer protection and loyalty from a single authentication platform

User authentication by mobile phone
Your business is secured by SIXTUS(SAS)

Choose a global solution to verify the identity of your users.

One 100% SAS solution to deliver user authentication by

SMS Voice call Smartphone App

Select the best security scenario for your business

OTP Pin Code Transaction Code 1-Key Biometry

SIXTUS(SAS) is easy to deploy, higly secured, available worldwide, with QoS, high-availability and 24/7 support

Provide the best user experience : simple, real-time, compliant with all mobile phones.


Authentication solutions for:



Every cloud has a sixtus lining. Or at least, it should. Cloud computing continues to expand and revolutionize the way businesses work, but with constant access from any device, security is more important than ever. Take control of your users’ digital identities with our two-factor authentication for cloud applications.

We offer a range of out of the box integrations for major cloud applications. Our authentication platform allows cloud access using a wide variety of devices, including two factor authentication via Mobile App, SMS, token and telephony and stronger authentication via in-browser imagery.



Web sites and web applications are increasingly being used by enterprises to communicate with their employees, customers, suppliers and partners. Some of this information will be confidential and will need protecting with strong authentication. With the Sixtus authentication solution you can easily and seamlessly add two-factor authentication or stronger browser-based security to ensure peace of mind.



Desktop virtualization provides employees with remote access to their entire business desktop– but this also means that they can be an open door to your organization’s data.

We have a range of out of the box integrations for the market leading VDI products. These integrations may be via RADIUS, a web filter or via a server-plugin. The Sixtus integration can work alongside standard Windows Active Directory Authentication

We’re the experts on making sure that users have secure and rapid access across a range of services and applications.



Encrypting your web connection by using a VPN service is extremely useful. A VPN enables you to break out of restrictive networks, but if you are relying on username and password you are still only a password away from attack. With the Sixtus solution VPNs can be configured to use external RADIUS servers for authentication so Sixtus authentication products can be integrated very easily.