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We Provide Telecom Solutions, Technology Solutions, Application Development, Website Development and Software Development Services To Enterprise Customers and Mobile Operators, With Our In-house Built Infrastructure. Creating new Innovative Technology Products and Designs. Providing A Mobile Ecosystem Where Everyone Prospers.


Software Dev., Technology Simplified

SIXTUS simplifies IT management with software solutions that are easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy on your budget - no costly consulting fees or over-priced licenses.

Bulk SMS Solution

Send notifications, advertise and alert. Deliver messages from your computer, phone or server speedily, through our Bulk SMS messaging network.


APP Development

We help you to address your growing business and technology challenges by defining, designing and building applications to meet your business requirements.

Bulk VOICE Calls

Sixtus Voice enables the reception of bulk calls made from a voice recorded telephone network (RoboCall). For Campaigns, notifications and advert purpose.


Website Developer

We are capable of developing easy-to-navigate and interactive websites that make a strong impact and help with proper exposure of your business.


Send mass Picture message (MMS) using our web based software. Send bulk flyers and pictures to phones. For promotions & marketing.


Increase Your Customers

Sixtus sales app speedily increases customers for your business. You need our sales app to grow your new or existing business.

Bulk VIDEO Solution

Send mass Video message (MMS) using our web based software. Advance way to send bulk videos to phones. For brand promotions and marketing.


Video Conferencing

Our solution bring your teams together easily and efficiently, giving you access to a powerful communication tools without the costs of in-house infrastructure.

2-Way Messaging

With Sixtus, it’s easy to get a mobile number and run engaging SMS broadcasts. We provide short codes and long codes for managing inbound messages.


Mobile Authentication

Sixtus MPA technology can boost regulatory efficiency, protect consumers from fakes goods and enhance your product's brand loyalty.

USSD Gateway

Our USSD supports longer message content. USSD messages are component of authentication. It helps businesses increase opportunities.


IT Management Solutions

Sixtus simplifies IT management with software solutions that are easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy on your budget.

Push Notifications

Push Notifications are clickable messages sent to your subscribers’ phones, desktops. So it's needless building a mobile app for your business.



It's just like sending an email, but it gets sent as a text message! Email2SMS is also known as Email to txt, or Email2txt. The limit is 160 characters.

Phone Numbers

We have active GSM Numbers that you can use to advertise, publicize and campaign. Grouped in States, Local Government, Areas, professions etc.


Wireless Solutions

We surpass our clients’ expectations and provide wireless services that excel innovation, expertise, accuracy and efficiency in the daily management of projects.