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Push notifications |  High volume, cross platform bulk notifications.

Easily integrate our platform into your app and start increasing your app usage. SIXTUS push platform gets you a range of eye catching notifications types, advanced features to target users by interest or location, and in-depth analytics.

Push Notifications



Link your push notifications to a location for more impact!
Geo features let you define areas and target users already there, or entering and leaving.


Reach your users even when they've lost mobile data connectivity.
Our system automatically sends an SMS to all users who didn't receive the push notification.


Offer recipients to subscribe to channels - if they decide on the kind of information they receive, they are more likely to read it and act on it.


Create rich content with media push for deeper audience engagement.
Add pictures, rich text, external links, videos, or upload HTML templates.


Don't worry about time and date; simply schedule your notification to be sent or cancelled when you want, and our system will do the rest!


Monitor your campaign reception, peaks and performance.
Detailed analyses give you a deeper understanding of who's reading your notifications.

A Remote Notification and Its Path.

SIXTUS Push Notification service transports and routes a remote notification from a given provider to a given device. A notification is a short message consisting of two major pieces of data: the device token and the payload. The device token is analogous to a phone number; it contains information that enables SPNs to locate the device on which the client app is installed. SPNs also uses it to authenticate the routing of a notification. The payload is a JSON-defined property list that specifies how the user of an app on a device is to be alerted.

Note: For more information about the device token or payload, send us a mail.

The remote-notification data flows in one direction. The provider composes a notification package that includes the device token for a client app and the payload. The provider sends the notification to SPNs which in turn pushes the notification to the device.

When a provider authenticates itself to SPNs, it sends its topic to the SPNs server, which identifies the app for which it’s providing data. The topic is currently the bundle identifier of the target app.

Pushing a remote notification from a provider to a client app.
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