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  Support Set-Up Manual

Support   Set-Up Manual

Manual Setup Guide.

The manual explains to you - easy to follow steps on how to set up your own messaging platform without doing any coding. All you need to do is to fill the forms, input the website address you want to use, input your prices, input your bank details and your site will be ready asap.

Set-Up Manual

1. How to open your BulkSMS account

  1. Downloading the BulkSMS Text Messenger
  2. Register for your BulkSMS account
  3. Register on the BulkSMS Text Messenger as an existing user
  4. Claim your free credits

2. Manage your Phonebook (Individuals)

Adding, editing and deleting individual members in your online phonebook.

  1. Add an individual
  2. Search for and Edit an individual contact
  3. Find and Delete an individual contact
  4. Delete all contacts

3. Manage your Phonebook (Groups)

Adding, editing and deleting groups in your online phonebook.

  1. Add groups
  2. Edit group details and/or members
  3. Split Large Groups
  4. Delete phonebook groups
  5. Upload a database using the Import Wizard
  6. Importing Contacts from MS Excel Spreadsheets
  7. Importing Contacts from MS Outlook
  8. Importing Contacts from Windows Address Book and Outlook Express.
  9. Importing Contacts from Text Files (.csv and .txt)
  10. Importing Contacts with Drag and Drop
  11. Find and Delete an individual
  12. Connection link to External Database
  13. Exporting contacts (single export file)
  14. Exporting contacts (1 Export file per group)

4. How to send an SMS

  1. Send a message to an individual (one contact)
  2. Send a message to a group (many contacts)
  3. Send a personalised message
  4. Send a scheduled message
  5. Send various messages from an uploaded file
  6. Save a message
  7. Retrieve a saved message
  8. Delete a saved message
  9. Create a standard message template
  10. Create a personalized message template

5. How to view sent messages and replies

  1. View Inbox
  2. Download Inbox
  3. View Message History (Sent Items)
  4. Download Message History
  5. View Scheduled Messages

6. How to buy SMS Credits and View Invoices

  1. Buy credits using a Credit Card
  2. View invoices for Credit Card/PayPal purchases
  3. Buy credits by depositing or transferring of funds
  4. View credit history

7. BulkSMS Text Messenger Settings

  1. Introduction - Restore Default settings
  2. Account Details
  3. Custom fields
  4. External databases
  5. Incoming Messages
  6. Long messages
  7. Network
  8. Outlook contacts
  9. Preferences
  10. Signature
  11. Startup Options

8. How to edit your account

  1. Change password
  2. Change your password on the BulkSMS Web site
  3. Update password on the BulkSMS Text Messenger
  4. Update details

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