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SIXTUS Technology Solutions.

Leading-edge technology. Fast, reliable services. Business-class support. Find products and services that fit your business size and your business needs.

How will SIXTUS optimize your business?

Abundant Capabilities

SIXTUS is a dev shop in every sense that a dev shop should be. We’re agile, we’re bootstrapped and we have dynamic capabilities. Our specialties include developing and managing software for business intelligence, business optimization and project management. We support our projects and our clients with UI/UX design, marketing and communications and project management.

Custom Solutions

SIXTUS offers a comprehensive solution to all your business and technology problems. From consulting to maintaining, we’ll address your problems at any stage. We believe that good software development doesn’t happen in a silo, so we use our knowledge, skills and experience to ensure an inclusive process and a sustainable outcome.

Longterm Partnership

When you work with SIXTUS, you become a member of the SIXTUS family. Our process is collaborative, integrated and transparent. We look for partnerships that will encourage technical innovation and result in something great. In doing so, we put a premium on trust, understanding and commitment, because we recognize these principles underpin productive relationships.

Technology Solutions

Business Sales

Sixtus sales app speedily increases desired customers for patronage. Setting up a new or existing business, you need our sales app to grow your business.


We are capable of developing easy-to-navigate and interactive websites that make a strong impact and help with proper exposure of your business.


We help you to address your growing business and technology challenges by defining, designing and building applications to meet your business requirements.


Sixtus Digital Media utilitize digital marketing tools to serve your business communication needs. We facilitate solution for advertising and promotions.


Our solution bring your teams together easily and efficiently, giving you access to a powerful communication tools without the costs of in-house infrastructure.

IT Management

Sixtus simplifies IT management with software solutions that are easy to use, easy to deploy, and easy on your budget - no costly consulting fees.


Sixtus MPA technology can boost regulatory efficiency, protect consumers from fakes and enhance your product's brand loyalty.- SMS verification.


We surpass our clients’ expectations and provide wireless services that excel innovation, expertise, accuracy and efficiency in the daily management of projects.