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USSD |  Two way communication solutions and authentication

Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (ie. *120*569#) is a live two way interaction service that allows you to display a menu on a user’s handset and enables the user to interact with this menu. Commonly used in banking, mobile polling, security systems and education, USSD is standard GSM technology supported by all GSM handsets.


M-banking, surveys, voting.

SIXTUS enterprise USSD solution allows surveys, campaigns and m-banking transactions to be easily performed on mobile phones. Manage sessions, track responses and analyse results - they are displayed graphically and easy to download. With our integration interfaces (APIs), customer applications can be quickly and efficiently integrated into our USSD gateway. Our in-house developed USSD solution for mobile network operators enables them to monetise this GSM technology by making it easily accessible to enterprises of all scale.


USSD sessions can be initiated from the handset via multiple options, from the traditional USSD short code (eg *100#), to SMS keyword based triggers or even via voice call-back options. The latter can be integrated directly into existing VoIP PBX at customer sites.

Our USSD solutions are comprehensive, user friendly and backed by 24/7 support, available in 10 languages. Your clients don't need to install anything and still you can reach them in real time on any kind of mobile phone.

Monetise your existing technology


Many operators are still unaware of USSD technology’s huge potential, and the ways it opens new revenue streams through mobile banking, mobile marketing or market research services.


Mobile network operators often lack adequate tools and business models for this service, and overestimate integration and business costs in the start-up phase. However, by partnering with SIXTUS you get a complete and fully functional USSD gateway with a minimum of investment.



USSD Centre connects you with a huge existing portfolio of enterprises and financial institutions, integrates with your back-end, and provides you with a full set of management tools.

For a complete service cycle, SIXTUS also takes care of the platform implementation, maintenance and upgrades, further reducing or eliminating any operational costs or capital expenditure.


Two deployment options are available, depending on your preferences and technologies.
We cover any hardware or software costs associated with USSD Centre deployment.


In this configuration, USSD Centre is located at the operator’s premises, with direct physical connections to their infrastructure.


With the cloud option, USSD Centre is installed at our proprietary data centre, and the connection established via signalling links.