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Call us now toll free :
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  Support White Paper & Guilds

Support   White Paper & Guilds

White Paper  |  Adding new applications and data.

Want the inside scoop, or need to share information with decision-makers and colleagues? You’ve got it. Download our whitepapers and guides to get a handle on all things SMS, from two factor authentication to CRM, e-commerce and mobile marketing.

White Label & Guilds

SMS Reseller White Label Solution.

Built specifically for resellers to help them start their mobile messaging business and boost it to the next level.

Start to increase your revenue and profitability by progressing through our Private Label - SMS Reseller White Label Solution, while at the same time receiving all the sales and support you need from SIXTUS® team!

Our resellers enjoy a number of unique benefits including:

  • High Margins
  • Product and Technical Training
  • Dedicated Account Management
  • Technical Support

Our resellers enjoy a number of unique benefits including:

  • Place new orders
  • View monthly stats
  • Quick access to technical support
  • Access to Centralized Monitoring Console
  • Marketing Material

Steps to follow to become a Bulk SMS Reseller.

  • Create a SIXTUS® SMS Account
  • Register a Domain Name (you can use our Registrar Services)
  • Obtain a Linux Web Hosting package (you can use our Web Hosting Services)
  • Give us your logo and the texts that you want us to put inside your website
  • Choose the theme you want us to use to create your website (see the available themes in the Order Form)
  • You are ready!
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