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Built with white-labelling in mind, it enables multiple sub-account management, route settings, turning into a brand-customised reselling solutions.


Operating one of the world's largest messaging networks and boasting 10-year industry knowledge, we're offering outstanding technologies and commercial terms to wholesale clients.


200+ direct connections

We own and manage over 200 direct A2P SMS connections to mobile network operators.


30 minute integration

You're up and running in half an hour, regardless of the technology.


8000+ SMS per second

Multiple nodes available for highest throughput. No traffic rush can take us by surprise.


Maintaining a capacity to solve 90 percent of requests within 40 minutes, our in-house technical support is always alert, taking care of clients in 10 languages across countries and time zones. Active traffic monitoring and live route testing have earned our team highest scores among client companies. Our partners can't afford downtime, and we take it seriously.


Out of half a million minutes in a year, we're down less than 4. With an uptime of 99,99925%, strong gateway redundancy and a superb routing system, our billion-transaction platform keeps breaking records in performance and throughput, sustaining 150 000+ business accounts with ease. Close relations to MNOs, coverage of 800+ networks in 190 countries, and 10-year expertise guarantee top delivery for clients and partners from all corners of the world.

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